July 2019

Great time to take advantage of free lessons!


Summer is  a great time to try our self defense classes for free! Special discounts are available for Military, First Responders and families with no hidden add-on fees to enroll or test. Unlimited classes as well. Real self-defense classes for kids and separate adult only classes as well. Don't settle for a basic martial arts [...]

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June 2018

Women’s Self-Defense Classes


Are "Women's Self Defense Classes" worth your time and money? Depends. Is it a real self-defense program, or just a marketing tool to get you interested in their other standard long term martial arts program?     Before you enroll in a self-defense class, ask yourself these questions: How can you learn anything in a 2 hour [...]

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May 2018

Looking for Real Self-Defense Classes?


People take self-defense classes for many reasons, one is to learn to be able to defend yourself or your family, a great idea! Some others are: lose weight, see friends, socialize, something new to do, it's close to the house, etc. Not so good..... What about Women only self-defense classes? Really? Who is most likely to [...]

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April 2018

Self-Defense is a life skill regardless of age, make sure your family has a life preserver!


Not sure about self-defense training? Everyone wants their kids and family to learn to swim in case they are ever in the water unexpectedly. Everyone insures their home and cars for accidents that may never happen. Many people have life and health insurance just in case. Shouldn't you protect your family or business from bullies, [...]

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March 2018

Safety Tips For Children !


Everyone wants to show off their kids! But too much can be a bad thing. Don't put your child's name on the outside of their backpacks, it makes it too easy for a stranger to call them by name. Don't leave them at activities where they may be alone with an adult, even ones you [...]

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