Cobra Defense

Realtor Defense

We offer a custom-tailored seminar for the Realtor Industry! This seminar offers proven, tested strategies and techniques to help keep you safe while on the job. Most Realtors work odd hours and meet clients by themselves. A recipe for disaster, unless you are prepared.

We will show you:

• Why your cell phone won’t save you!
• Why the police can’t help you for at least 13 minutes, which is too late.
• Keys and pepper spray, and even handguns may not help!
• Key techniques to give you an upper hand!

Active Shooter

Does your organization have a tactically proven plan to respond to an Active Shooter attack? Odds are you don’t and odds are increasing that you need one.

Our Cobra-Defense Active Shooter Response Plan (ASRP) was created in 2003. The ASRP workshop is a variety of drills and scenarios that pull from law enforcement training. They are proven to help people react with sound strategic and tactical skills despite the hysteria of an attack.

Smart organizations are replacing the common thought that, “It would never happen here…” to “Let’s prepare in case it does.”