The 10 Questions You Must Ask BEFORE You Enroll in Any Martial Arts Program

While there is nothing wrong with sport type martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, Judo, MMA, and Jui-jitsu, they are not true combat arts that are proven in street combat. Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight!

It is important that instructors are certified in modern teaching methods as well as martial arts to get the most effective training for your money. How long have they been teaching as well.

An A+ rating is always preferred, it shows the company cares about its reputation, and will work to resolve disputes and misunderstandings. If they don’t have an A+ rating, why not?

With so many martial arts school opening and closing, it is important to join an established school. Nothing is more frustrating than having to move to a new school when your old one closes, often with no warning! You will be required to start over with the new school to meet their standards, and will waste time and money. Our school has been operating for 18 years.

Unfortuantely, there is no standardization in ranks between various systems. A black belt may only require 18 months in one system, and 40 months in another! Is the certification of the staff by recognized organizations, or just by their own school? We have the most experienced staff in the area with over 150 years of combined teaching experience, and licensed and certified by state and international organizations.

You wouldn’t want 1st graders training with graduate students would you? No legitimate school would do this. It will not be age appropriate for either group, and both students will suffer.

We offer family rates that allow some family members to train free! We also offer Educator, Veterans, and Public Safety Officers discounts.

We offer unlimited classes per week, and you can come any day that there is a class for your group. This allows for busy schedules, sickness, and other events. We want you to be able to get to class!

Many schools require 6 months or longer contracts and limit the number of classes you can attend. We offer short term memberships from 1 to 2 months!

This is a big surprise for many students and parents as this is often not disclosed until you get to your first test. Suddenly you find out that you will have to pay and extra $40 or $50 everytime you test? This is especially a problem if you have several family members training. We do not charge any testing fees! After all, when you go to college, you don’t have to pay extra to take exams after you have pay your tuition.