People take self-defense classes for many reasons, one is to learn to be able to defend yourself or your family, a great idea!

Some others are: lose weight, see friends, socialize, something new to do, it’s close to the house, etc. Not so good….. What about Women only self-defense classes? Really? Who is most likely to attack a Woman, a Man. If you don’t train to beat someone bigger and stronger than you, it’s a waste of your time and money. We will show you how.

Of course the other problem is finding someone who has experience in actual real life and death situations, and who knows what is real and what is Hollywood. Almost everything you see on TV and in movies is either impractical, dangerous, ridiculous, only for 20 year olds, or is created with technology, not real people. We have worked on films and know what we are talking about. Your typical martial arts Black Belt “Master” often has less than 2 years experience, and has never really used what he or she is teaching you. Why would you take a “Bootcamp Class” from someone who has never been to bootcamp?

As Your Self-Defense HQ, we will teach you time proven methods that are effective regardless of your size, age, fitness, flexibility, or gender. We can teach you multiple layers of self-defense for different situations. Active Shooter, Bullies, Sexual Attackers, Car Jackers, Hostage and Kidnapping scenarios, Armed and Un-Armed responses including Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, Pepper Spray, Knives, Clubs, and everyday objects inside and outside your home.

If you are in outside sales, medical fields, teaching, Real Estate Sales, college bound,or part of an organization that wants to be pro-active for their employees, we have a program that will work for you. And it’s NOT A KARATE or MARTIAL ARTS CLASS!

COBRA DEFENSE is recognized around the world as the premier provider of self-defense training to corporations, civic organizations, schools, professionals, PTAs, First Responders, and individuals. We even offer a 5 week Police Academy for civilians! If you’re ready to protect yourself until authorities arrive, and gain the confidence, competence, and peace of mind that  you need to survive, call or email our staff for more information on how we can tailor a custom program for you!