Everyone wants to show off their kids! But too much can be a bad thing.

  1. Don’t put your child’s name on the outside of their backpacks, it makes it too easy for a stranger to call them by name.
  2. Don’t leave them at activities where they may be alone with an adult, even ones you know. Multiple adults is always better, 2 or 3 kids together is second best. Most children are victims of people they know.
  3.  Everyone is busy, but allowing you children to get rides with younger drivers may be convenient but remember how YOU drove at 16, 17 18?
  4. Facebook is fun, Instagram and other social media sites  as well, but don’t put everything in your child’s daily world on the internet where someone can build a dossier on their friends, activities, locations, and home.
  5. Deal with bullying immediately, don’t let these types of situations continue. We can provide step by step info on how to do this if it is verbal, or methods to stop physical attacks as well, and it is not just Martial Arts. You teach your children to swim, just in case, should’t they also be trained to protect themselves when you are not around?