Not sure about self-defense training? Everyone wants their kids and family to learn to swim in case they are ever in the water unexpectedly. Everyone insures their home and cars for accidents that may never happen. Many people have life and health insurance just in case. Shouldn’t you protect your family or business from bullies, thugs, robbers, and active shooters? It’s too late to get self-defense training when these incidents happen, but getting  the right self-defense training is just as important.  3 Hour “Self-Defense Classes” simply don’t work. Can you learn and be proficient at Golf, Tennis, Exercise, etc in just 3 hours? Of course not.  Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher for the type of fire in your kitchen can be more dangerous than not having one. You can find self-defense classes in many places, some is excellent, most is notHere are some questions you might consider:  Is the training sports related or based? Not suitable. Are there only women in the class? Unrealistic. Is the training practical and realistic? Great?  Can the average person regardless of age or fitness actually successfully perform the techniques taught? If you have to be 20 years old and super flexible, stay away!Has the instructor actually used what they are teaching in real situations?  Most have not. Pricing for real training is not expensive, less than gymnastics classes. Finally, think about this : you are on The Titanic, do you want the $10 life jacket that keeps you afloat for 2 hours with no warranty, or the $30 life jacket that will keep you afloat for 2 days guaranteed until help arrives? When your life may be at stake, the choice is obvious.  We can prove it to you!! We are your self-defense HQ!