Are “Women’s Self Defense Classes” worth your time and money?

Depends. Is it a real self-defense program, or just a marketing tool to get you interested in their other standard long term martial arts program?



Before you enroll in a self-defense class, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How can you learn anything in a 2 hour or even 1 day class. You can’t even learn tennis that fast! Self-defense is harder, and more important. Repetition is the mother of skill.
  2. Is the program based on proven, real life scenarios, or just basic ideas that are easily taught?
  3. Why is it for women only, you most likely and serious attack will be men who are bigger and stronger than you. You will want to build your skills and confidence against male and females.
  4. Does the program include the mindset and strategies of the attacker, or just techniques?
  5. Are the instructors experienced in actual situations like they are teaching?
  6. Can you continue your training at an affordable cost, or do you have to sign up for the same course, with the same material again?
  7. Can you review on-line your lessons after you take the course?
  8. Can you expand your self-defense from unarmed to armed with the same program and same instructors?
  9. Have the instructors been background checked by the Department of Public Safety?
  10. Is the facility A+ rated by the BBB and how long have they been operating.
  11. Can you take free classes to see how you like it, or do you have to pay upfront before you find out?

Hope this helps save you some time, money, and your safety! We will be happy to provide you examples of actual students that have successfully been able to defend themselves in real attacks.

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